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Get personalized recommendations on your daily ad performance

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Using cutting edge AI technology, we monitor your core metrics and provide actionable insights.


Powerful AI-Insights

Get Actionable Insights

The comprehensive dashboard provides all the information you need about your daily ad performance, displaying opportunities or problems you need to focus on.

Tailored Market Insights

See how your core metrics compare to the market. Forecast Facebook CPM or Google CPC and know where to focus your advertising efforts.

Analyze Customer LTV

See how the LTV of your customers changes over time, identify the most effective marketing channels and improve your decision making.


Track results and get powerful insights that will fuel your growth. Improve your decision making and boost ROAS.

Monitor Your

Visualize your core metrics in one place. Discover strengths and weaknesses of your performance that will help you improve future results.


See how your KPI’s compare to the market. Take immediate action on insights, save on your ad spend and outperform your competitors.


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For shops with fewer than 2000 monthly orders.

$99/per month


For shops with between 2000 and 10000 monthly orders.

$299/per month


For shops with more than 10000 monthly orders.

$799/per month


$99/per month
Facebook & Google ads integrated analysis
Trend & outlier detection
Checkout funnel insights
Ad accounts red flags
Tailored market insights
Cohort payback analysis
Premium educational content
Chat & email support


$299/per month

Everything in the Basic plan +

2 consult sessions per month
Dedicated customer success manager
24/7 chat & email support


$799/per month

Everything in the Growth plan +

Quarterly business plan
Advanced custom reporting